Maple Wood Flooring

Maple Sports Wooden Flooring

Approx Price: Rs 340 / Square Feet 

Maple Sports Floors differ immensely from floors designs for any other purpose. Because the needs of athletes come first, performance, safety and comfort inherent characteristics. Floor design can focus on a specific activity such as: Aerobics versus basketball, or handball, squash and racquet ball courts; health and fitness clubs; gymnasiums used for multi-purposes; international Olympic facilities; professional sports arenas; dance floors; auditorium and convention centers; schools, colleges, and universities, theater & stage performance areas; and many commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Time and time again, athletes, performers, trainers, coaches, owners, and architects who design these facilities cite maple as the preferred sports surface. Of all the US sports floors (17 million square feet-installed each year) maple is the sports floor of choice.

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Square Feet

Maple Sports Wooden Flooring

Approx Price: Rs 350 / Square Feet 

After completion of the civil construction, we undertake to lay out the Aeroflex Air Cush Wooden Flooring system wherein we use kiln dried imported Oak, Teak, Maple or Beech wood surface board and the base frame of imported Fir, Spruce or Pine wood. After installation, the floor is machine sanded in uniform level and finished with imported non???skid DIN certified polyurethane lacquer.




  • Economical all wood system
  • High Profile Floating System
  • Aeroflex Pads provide Good Shock Absorption
  • Moves freely to accommodate changes in humidity
  • Ideal for Badminton courts, Squash Courts, Basketball Court, Multipurpose hall, etc.
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